3 early Chicago Cubs candidates poised for the All-Star Game

These three Chicago Cubs are playing at an elite level to begin the 2024 campaign.
Chicago Cubs v Seattle Mariners
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The Chicago Cubs have started hot to begin the 2024 campaign. Right out of the gate, they have endured several playoff-caliber teams and injuries to their best players. Despite it all, the team has a winning record, largely thanks to contributions from certain players. If they continue playing at this All-Star level, all of them will be locks to earn the honor. Here are three Cubs who are early candidates to head to Texas for the All-Star Game.

3 early All-Star candidates - 3. Shota Imanaga

We knew earlier in Spring Training that Shota Imanaga had the swing-and-miss stuff that the Cubs lacked in the starting rotation. Since then, he has started three games during the regular season and currently leads the National League in ERA among starters that have started at least three games with a perfect 0.00 in 15.1 innings pitched. His production has been critical to the Cubs' success, with Justin Steele still nursing a hamstring on the IL.

Imanaga's perfection on the mound speaks for itself. He won't record a 0.00 for the rest of the season, but whatever was apparently wrong in Spring Training has since been addressed, and it shows. The fly balls are there, terrifying us every time, but that is who he is. The results follow, and Imanaga doesn't have to do anything close to what he is doing right now to be considered at an All-Star level. He's been that good to start his major league career.