3 Cubs who won't make the opening day roster, but will contribute a lot in 2023

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2. Caleb Killian

It's no secret the Cubs have a lot of starting pitching depth, and Caleb Killian is going to be a big part of that someday soon. Killian came to the Cubs from San Francisco alongside fellow top prospect Alexander Canario in the Kris Bryant trade. The 25-year-old right-handed pitcher currently ranks as the Cubs' 18th prospect according to MLB, and although his 3 starts with the Cubs were not great last year, he will be in the equation this season.

Injuries are always a factor for starting pitchers, especially when you're talking about older players like Drew Smyly and Kyle Hendricks. If/when those injuries hit, Killian will be in line to at least be a long relief option if not a starter. He has already dazzled in his first Spring Training start, but will probably start the year in Iowa where he can start every 5th day. I foresee Killian being in the Cubs' starting rotation mix for years to come though.