3 Cubs prospects most impacted by the Cody Bellinger signing

The re-signing of Cody Bellinger has an immediate impact on several Cubs prospects - including highly-touted outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong.

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There's less pressure on Michael Busch to be an offensive centerpiece

We're yet to see Michael Busch in Cactus League action, but on Marquee's broadcast Friday, Cubs GM Carter Hawkins confirmed the plan is for him to be the team's everyday first baseman.

Prior to the re-signing of Bellinger, Busch represented the team's primary left-handed power option - a concerning thought given his lack of big league experience to this point. He'll still have a key role to play for the Cubs in 2024 and hopefully will be a nice offensive contributor, but with Bellinger back, the pressure on this top 100 prospect just lowered dramatically.

Not only is the pressure reduced, but the team's outlook at first base drastically improves, with Bellinger more than capable of sliding in there from center and giving Busch a day off. The Cubs' defensive versatility is improved overall and I really think that the move sets Busch up to have a lot more success in 2024 and beyond.