3 Cubs players who've gone cold at the absolute worst time

If the team is going to turn things around, these guys will have to get it going over the final two weeks.
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3 Cubs players who've gone cold at the absolute worst time - #2: Mike Tauchman

To whatever end, Ross is all-in on the guys who've gotten the Cubs to this point - and that includes outfielder Mike Tauchman who was a feel-good story for much of the summer, but whose production has fallen off a cliff not only in the past week, but for some time now.

Over the last 28 days, the 32-year-old Illinois native is slashing just .186/.329/.214. But you'd never know it based on how the Cubs manager has continued to lean on him. Tauchman should be thanking his lucky stars top prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong has struggled at the plate since being promoted because it's given Ross the cover to keep penciling him into the lineup card.

I'm not saying Tauchman hasn't played a key role for Chicago this summer becuase he undoubtedly has. He's capable of grinding out lengthy at-bats, especially in big moments and has been a pleasant surprise for the team. But it's hard to see the value he's bringing to the team of late - the only reason he's still in there is because he's a known commodity for the coaching staff.