3 Cubs players who are proving their ST stats were a fluke, and 2 who were legit

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago Cubs
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Fluke: 1B/DH Trey Mancini

Mancini's first year with the Cubs started off promising since he led the team in hits (16) in Spring Training and looked like he could give the Cubbies some much-needed thump. However, Mancini's production has been slowly dying on the vine all year and has taken a dramatic nose-dive recently. Over his last 30 games, Mancini is slashing .214/.320/.333 with just 1 home run. He is striking out more than 27% of the time and his wRC+ (87) and WAR (-0.5) are below league average, meaning he is producing less than a replacement-level player. For a guy who signed a two-year contract, he's certainly not earning the paycheck.