3 Cubs players who are proving their ST stats were a fluke, and 2 who were legit

Tampa Bay Rays v Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs finally look like they can make a run and solidify themselves as a serious contender for the NL Central. They've won four consecutive series' while stringing together 10 victories in their last 12 games since June 9. One of the most effective parts of the team has been the starting pitching, whose ERA ranks fifth in the league. Marcus Stroman and Justin Steele have been anchors while Drew Smyly is pitching above everyone's expectations. Kyle Hendricks also recently returned from a long-term injury, and he has looked as close to the 2016 version of himself as I can remember.

The offense has also been more consistent and has seen production from almost every spot. A couple of these guys have been proving themselves all year even going back to Spring Training. However, there were also a few guys who put up decent numbers in the Spring who are not bringing the same production in the regular season.

Let's take a look at 3 Cubs players whose Spring Training stats were a fluke and 2 players who are living up to their stats from March.

Fluke: Utility man Miles Mastrobuoni

I don't think I speak for myself when I say that I've had enough of Miles Mastrobuoni. For some reason that probably makes zero sense, David Ross pencils this guy into the lineup every once in a while (less so in the last couple of weeks) and it makes my blood boil every time it happens. The guy is slashing .145/.254/.177 with a laughable wRC+ of 28 (the league average is 100). I am pretty shocked that Mastrobuoni has not been designated for assignment yet because he brings little value to this team.

I'm not saying Mastrobuoni looked like a star in Spring Training, but he had 7 hits, 6 walks, and 3 stolen bases in 10 games. He at least looked like a viable utility man and like he could serve as a decent backup should someone go down with an injury. But he has been anything but and I think it's time to cut him loose.