3 Cubs players that are playing themselves out of the 2024 plans

It's never too soon to start looking ahead to next season - and these Cubs need big finishes if they want to be in the mix for the 2024 Opening Day roster.
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3 Cubs players that are playing themselves out of the 2024 plans: #2 - Tucker Barnhart

I get that Tucker Barnhart is a glove-first guy and is well-respected by the Cubs pitching staff. But with Miguel Amaya in the mix now and Yan Gomes controllable through 2024, I think the odds Barnhart is around next year are slim, despite his being on a two-year deal that runs through next season.

The bat hasn't been good in a couple years now, and despite ranking in the top 12% of the league in framing metrics, Barnhart isn't playing up to his roster spot right now. He's got a 50 OPS - meaning he's been just half as valuable as the league average offensive player. That's just not going to cut it.

Now, he's not going anywhere here in the home stretch with the team in the midst of a playoff hunt, but if you're not carrying three catchers in 2024 (which the Cubs shouldn't) - it's got to be Amaya and Gomes.

Barnhart's deal has a player option for 2024 he's all but guaranteed to exercise. But as we saw last month with Trey Mancini, the front office is pivoting to a winning mindset and it stands to reason Jed Hoyer wouldn't blink about eating that money if he's unable to attach him to a trade this offseason.