3 Cubs players fighting for their futures heading into the 2024 season

Time's running out for these three players to prove they have a long-term role to play.

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Injuries have derailed Brennen Davis' once-promising trajectory

Another guy who really couldn't handle another injury finds himself on this list while, unfortunately, working his way back from concussion protocol in Brennen Davis. The former top prospect has battled numerous injuries in recent years and, like Kilian, has fallen completely off MLB Pipeline's Cubs top 30 list.

During that same time, the Cubs' outfield prospect depth has significantly improved. Three of the team's top six prospects are outfielders (Pete Crow-Armstrong (1), Owen Caissie (3) and Kevin Alcantara (6).

Hopefully, there are no lingering effects from Davis' hit by pitch that put him into concussion protocol because perhaps no prospect in the entire organization needs a rebound season in quite the same way as he does. If he can't stay on the field and produce in 2024, it seems safe to say the Cubs will move forward without him factoring much into their long-term outlook.