3 Cubs minor-league signings that will fuel spring training competition

Learn who to watch in spring training for the Chicago Cubs and who will fight for a roster spot on Opening Day.

Divisional Round - Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs - Game Four
Divisional Round - Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs - Game Four / Stacy Revere/GettyImages
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3 minor-league signings to watch - 1. Ethan Roberts

After being re-signed after being nontendered, Ethan Roberts is back on a minor league deal with the team. The quick synopsis for Roberts is he made the team last season out of spring training in 2022 with what was a memorable moment, and then injury crippled his previous two seasons to prove himself. A reclamation project of sorts, Roberts' 2.59 ERA in 2019 in the minors and an even 3.00 in 2021 prove that he has always had the upside. His only issue has been staying healthy.

If he can avoid the IL, he could make the cut again from spring training. However, others will have to falter significantly before that is the case. I'm rooting for him as a feel-good comeback story this spring. If he pitches well, there's no reason he shouldn't be given just as real of a chance to make it with the big league team again, the same way he did in 2022. The bullpen battle will be among the most interesting to watch this spring.

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