3 Chicago Cubs who will benefit the most from MLB rule changes

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With all the rule changes happening in the MLB, it's important to keep an eye on who will benefit the most in 2023. Jesse Rogers wrote up a good breakdown of all the rule changes and how they will be enforced, and you can check that out here. As it pertains to the Chicago Cubs, there are quite a few players who will be able to take advantage. Let's look at three of those players now, starting with newcomer Ben DeLuzio.

3 Chicago Cubs who will benefit the most from MLB rule changes - Ben DeLuzio

Rule changes that will help:

  • Bigger bases

Ben DeLuzio, who was brought in on a minor league deal, will benefit primarily from the MLB rule changes due to the increased size of the bases this season. Last season, DeLuzio stole 30 bags in the St. Louis Cardinals organization with their Triple-A affiliate, the Memphis Redbirds. Bigger bases will generally give a runner a little more room to avoid a tag and, thus, makes it harder for the defender to make the play.

DeLuzio has already been a solid hitter and base runner but has never been given a chance in the MLB to make a name for himself. In the minors, he is a career .290/.361/.412 with 140 stolen bags in 462 games, including a line of .292/.361/.462 in 645 at-bats alone at the triple-A level. He's been a career 25% opposite-field hitter, so if he can learn to do that more effectively, he will be more of a threat to raise his batting average.