3 Chicago Cubs who must be on a short leash in 2023

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After a week of ball games, the Chicago Cubs sit at 3-3. Too early to tell where this team is heading; there are still players on the 26-man roster who need to be on a short leash in trimming the fat to help this team become as successful as possible. With it being so early in the season, there's no reason to expect any immediate cuts off the 26-man roster, but it is essential to know who to be mindful of if they underperform for a prolonged period. Here are three Chicago Cubs who must be on a short leash in 2023.

3 Chicago Cubs who need to be on a short leash - 3. Eric Hosmer

Eric Hosmer, who was signed as a place-holding left-handed first baseman to bridge the gap for Matt Mervis, is the first on this list who needs to be given a short leash. Initially, we weren't very high on Hosmer sticking around for too long. For one, his 720k salary is essentially non-existent, and for two, Mervis is already raking in Triple-A Iowa. However, a move won't be coming right away regardless, as Hosmer will be at least given a decent number of at-bats, so the Cubs feel confident they are making the right choice.

Currently, in all fairness, Hosmer has been producing at a respectable clip, slashing .278/.350/.389 with two doubles and four RBIs in 18 at-bats. Getting rid of him would make little to no sense considering he is one of the key hitters, with the Cubs currently holding the fifth-best slash line in the National League, with a mark of .265/.333/.377. Once Hosmer is gone, there won't be any going back for the Cubs. But if he begins to go on a cold stretch, look for the front office to make a move to Mervis.