3 Chicago Cubs trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

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2. Yan Gomes may be part of a trade package to San Diego

Assuming he doesn't receive an extension from the Cubs before the deadline, the thought is that Marcus Stroman will almost certainly be traded for a haul at the deadline. One rumor, however, had him as a package target alongside the team's stalwart catcher Yan Gomes. The San Diego Padres, in need of reinforcement in both the rotation and behind the plate, could make a play at both guys.

Gomes has been one of the team's most invaluable pieces over the course of the season. At the plate, he sports a 94 wRC+ which, for a catcher, is solid. Against lefties, he's been a monster with a 1.040 OPS to his name, good for a 175 wRC+. The real value, however, comes from what he does behind the plate. Both the Cubs organization and pitchers have nothing but respect for Gomes for how handles the staff. When he's behind the plate, Cubs pitchers have a collective 4.17 ERA which stands as the best mark on the team aside from Miguel Amaya in a much smaller sample.

Speaking of Amaya, it's hard not to feel strongly about pairing him with Gomes behind the plate next year. Amaya is still young, yet he's also earned high marks for his game calling. Having Gomes would not only give the Cubs two excellent receivers but ensure Amaya has a veteran presence by his side to help him come into his own as a catcher.

Gomes still has a club option for 2024 as well which, given all he contributes to the team, would be a no-brainer even as he'd enter his age 26 season. There's no reason to ship him off when he still has value to a team that looks to compete next year.