3 Chicago Cubs takeaways prior to Crosstown Classic series with Chicago White Sox

Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
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For a Chicago Cubs team that had a roster designed around the idea that the floor should not fall out from underneath them, that is exactly what happened during the month of May.

The Cubs dropped three of four games against the Cincinnati Reds this past weekend, marking their sixth consecutive series loss. After entering May, the Cubs were tied with the Milwaukee Brewers for first place in the National League Central. The calendar now reads June 3, and the Cubs are in third place in the division, trailing the Brewers by 7.5 games.

Even more concerning is that the Cardinals appear to be figuring things out. The Cardinals jumped over the Cubs for second place in the National League Central.

The Cubs went 10-18 in May, and the hope was that as the schedule eased up in June, the Cubs could get right up. They had consecutive series against the Reds, Chicago White Sox, and Reds again. Instead, the first weekend saw more of the same from a deflated Cubs team—inconsistent offense, defensive miscues, and an ineffective outing from the bullpen.

Prior to a quick two-game set against the White Sox, the Cubs are at a point of inflection.

3 Chicago Cubs takeaways - The floor is falling out from under them.

The Cubs have not won back-to-back games on the season since May 4 and May 5. For a Cubs team that entered the season with the idea that the days of selling at the Major League Baseball trade deadline are over, that conversation is back on the table after the team's recent struggles.

If the Cubs do not turn their season around over the course of the next two weeks, it's likely that the selling itch will return for Jed Hoyer.