3 Chicago Cubs prospects that could give the big league offense a jolt

Amid a brutal month-long offensive slump, the Chicago Cubs have multiple choices for bats to call up from Triple-A to infuse some youth and momentum into the team.
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1. Alexander Canario

I am once again asking for Alexander Canario to get playing time at the big-league level. The Cubs badly need power and there are few better sources of it than the slugging outfielder who came over in the Kris Bryant trade. Like Crow-Armstrong, he's also been destroying the baseball since his return to Iowa to the tune of a .298/.375/.667/158 wRC+ slash line with three bombs of his own.

As always, the same concerns about Canario still exist. His 28.1% strikeout rate over that stretch is a tad high for what you'd like to see from a Triple-A player and doesn't show much improvement from his minor league career. His limited time in Chicago has also come with an untenable number of strikeouts, creating concerns over whether he can handle major-league pitching.

However, we'll never know if his skill set will ultimately be unfit at the highest level if he doesn't get more chances. He'd easily be a better choice than Madrigal right now and a worthy DH candidate due to his prodigious power. With the Cubs being out-homered considerably over the past month, it couldn't hurt to slot Canario in consistently in hopes that he runs into a ball or two, even if the whiffs are a problem.