3 Chicago Cubs prospects that could give the big league offense a jolt

Amid a brutal month-long offensive slump, the Chicago Cubs have multiple choices for bats to call up from Triple-A to infuse some youth and momentum into the team.
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2. Pete Crow-Armstrong

Pete Crow-Armstrong may have only just been sent down, but he's working overtime to earn his way back up. Since his demotion, he has hit an astronomical .444/.500/.926/251 wRC+ with three home runs, 25 total bases, ten runs scored, and a fire that shows he's ready for the big leagues again. His remarkable hot streak didn't go unnoticed either, as he was named the International League Player of the Week and deemed the hottest prospect in baseball over the past week by Baseball America.

In his brief time in Chicago, PCA showed just how valuable he could be, even if his hitting still needed work. Despite having less than half the plate appearances of the team's regulars, he ranks as the sixth most valuable player on the team thanks to his stellar defense. Stats like defensive runs saved (6) and outs above average (3) have him ahead of his teammates with more innings in the field. Add in his much-improved baserunning decisions and you have a player who can create mayhem on the bases and steal more runs for a team that's struggling to generate them.

Unlike everyone else on this list, PCA can't be called up yet. Position players have to wait a minimum of ten days before being brought back. When that time comes though, such a move needs to be strongly considered for the versatility and progress he's shown. I don't think the Cubs will do it ultimately - Jed Hoyer made it clear that he believes Crow-Armstrong needs consistent playing time to work out his hitting - but it may be the best choice overall to maximize the roster.