3 Chicago Cubs positives we need to see to make the playoffs

With 54 games left in the regular season, we go over three positives we need to see for the Chicago Cubs to make the playoffs.
Cincinnati Reds v Chicago Cubs
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3 positives to make the playoffs - 1. Marcus Stroman returns to form

Above all else, we need to see Marcus Stroman get back to form. An anchor for the team throughout the first half, Stroman is now currently in the IL with a hip issue. Given his struggles in the second half so far, the only positive you can take away from an IL stint now is that this issue was hopefully the catalyst for hindering his performance as of late. It makes sense, given that Stroman’s first-half ERA of 2.93 and second-half ERA of 10.13 are numbers that are just too different for something not to be going on under the hood.

For an example of how spectacular Stroman was earlier on, he is still second in the NL in quality starts with 15, and he has only recorded one in the last month and a half. Due to what’s been going on, the Cubs starting rotation has dropped to 7th best in the NL. Given the importance of dominant starting pitching, Stroman getting back to form is the most important thing that needs to happen if the Cubs have a shot at the playoffs this season.

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