3 Chicago Cubs players who could thrive under Craig Counsell

Going over the Chicago Cubs roster after the Craig Counsell roster and determining who could thrive now that the team has a new skipper.

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3 Cubs who could thrive under Craig Counsell - 1. Miguel Amaya

Last on the list is young catcher Miguel Amaya. Finally healthy and proving himself at the major league level, Amaya took a backseat role in 2023 due to the veteran Yan Gomes behind the dish. Gomes' option was picked up by the Cubs already, so he will be back in 2024 but don't expect that to mean more of the same for Amaya, who the team will look to turn full-time catching duties over to after Gomes reaches free agency next winter.

Consider Amaya's situation in 2024 to be that of William Contreras for the Brewers this year: One that saw him step into a nearly everyday role and gain consistency, confidence, and ability to be a regular player instead of the sporadic start. Amaya has already shown flashes of what he can provide offensively, and he always possessed the skill needed behind the plate to be a big-league catcher. Look for Counsell to give him an excellent opportunity to become the Cubs' new everyday catcher in 2024.

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