3 Chicago Cubs players who could thrive under Craig Counsell

Going over the Chicago Cubs roster after the Craig Counsell roster and determining who could thrive now that the team has a new skipper.

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Although the Chicago Cubs roster will be looking different again come Spring Training, as the team is already often rumored to be connected to the most significant trade targets and free agents in the game, it should also be noted that with Craig Counsell now at the helm, existing players who have high potential, but were never really given a shot, will also get their opportunity in 2024. Who are the biggest beneficiaries of more playing time? Let's look at three options that we could see be in line for a big season next year.

3 Cubs who could thrive under Craig Counsell - 3. Alexander Canario

With a history of playing everybody on his roster, one primary beneficiary of the Cubs' managerial change is Alexander Canario. Remember when Canario roped an RBI double, hit a grand slam, and sat on the bench the next day? Those are the types of managerial decisions that don't sit well in hindsight. Canario's talent has never been something that was questioned. When Matt Mervis got all the attention in 2022, Canario was also quietly mashing.

Let's remember Canario's 37 HR/97 RBI contribution just a year ago before suffering a devastating injury. Once he got back into form, he was quickly promoted to the majors, where he was given virtually no chance to break into the league, which ultimately hurt him even more than playing in the minors because, at least there, he could play in games. In 17 ABs, Canario slashed .294/.294/.647 with one home run and six RBIs. If he shows promise in 2024, expect him to get the chance he deserves.