3 Chicago Cubs players that are doomed after the hire of Craig Counsell

Overlooking the Chicago Cubs roster and determining the three most likely candidates to be moved after the hire of Craig Counsell.
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3 players on the Cubs that are doomed - 2. Nick Madrigal 

All in all, it wasn’t a bad season for Nick Madrigal. Although he manned third base better than expected, the fact is that we saw his ceiling at the position, and the Cubs need an upgrade at the hot corner. Remembering that Madrigal is a second baseman, and only shifted to third base because the Cubs needed him to, shows that he was never the club's favorite optionin the first place. 

Making matters worse, Madrigal finds himself on the IL more than the team can feel comfortable with in terms of relying on a player to man a position every day. Of course, 2020 was a shortened season, but Madrigal has yet to appear in more than 100 contests in the past three years. He makes good contact, but is not a long-tern solution at third base. He is a tradeable asset that can be used as part of a trade package to bring back and upgrade of talent.