3 Chicago Cubs players on the chopping block with roster moves approaching

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2. Miles Mastrobouni

Miles Mastrobouni at Wrigley Field was a fun little undertaking while it lasted, but I think it is time for him to hit the road. Over an admittedly small sample size of 17 plate appearances, the 27-year-old utility man is slashing .176/.176/.412 with a wRC+ of 5. That is atrociously bad considering he is supposed to be a spark while Suzuki rehabs his way back to the team. Not to mention Mastrobouni arguably lost the second game of the season to the Milwaukee Brewers when he failed to make a dive for a bloop game-winning single in the 8th inning.

Suzuki is expected back any day now and Mastrobouni is not needed for outfield depth now that Nelson Velazquez is back and Christopher Morel is tearing it up in Iowa. I wish Mastrobouni all the best but he has simply not gelled with the Cubs and there are others who can help the team. A DFA could be on the horizon for Mastrobouni this week.