3 Chicago Cubs hitters who dominated throughout Spring Training

The Chicago Cubs had more than a few players who had Spring Training performances to remember in 2024.

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#2: Owen Caissie

Of all the hitting prospects that showed up in Spring Training, none shone brighter than slugging outfielder Owen Caissie. While all eyes were initially on top prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong, Caissie quickly stole the spotlight by mashing with a .333/.409/.569 slash line with two long balls and a 159 wRC+ in 44 plate appearances. For a hitter who hasn't appeared above Double-A yet, he had the look of a player who is close to making the jump to the majors.

Currently ranked as the Cubs' third-best prospect by MLB Pipeline, Caissie is sometimes overlooked because of the team's crowded outfield picture. Acquired in the Yu Darvish trade in 2021, he's shown prodigious power in the minors, hitting for .289/.398/.519 last year at Tennessee. There are long-term concerns about his strikeout rate, considering it has hovered around 30 percent in the minors, but the bat is real and could be coming sooner than expected.

At just 21 and with other prospects ahead of him, there's no reason to rush Caissie to the majors. His performance should have him firmly on everyone's radar as a potential in-season call-up though, assuming he continues to force the issue in the minors or a spot opens up for him. Designated hitter feels like a natural spot to fit him in if the opportunity arises. It's possible that, with the outfield log jam, he could also be seen as an increasingly valuable trade piece capable of netting the Cubs another star at the trade deadline. Whatever the case, the future looks bright for Caissie.