3 Cardinals players the Cubs should (but probably won't) trade for

Is this the year St. Louis and Chicago get together on a trade for the first time since 2007?
Atlanta Braves v St Louis Cardinals
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The odds of the Cubs and Cardinals hooking up on their first trade since... 2007 are slim, to say the least. Trades within the division are rare, but even more so when it comes to these longtime NL Central foes.

When you think 'Cubs-Cardinals trades', all that comes to mind is probably the disastrous Lou Brock deal back in 1964, in which Chicago sent the future Hall of Famer to St. Louis, only to watch him go on to win a pair of World Series championships and earn six All-Star appearances with the Cardinals, hitting

But we're in recently uncharted waters here. It's the Cardinals, not the Cubs, already headed for selling at the deadline (although Chicago could very well wind up joining them) - could that be cause enough for these two historic rivals to get together on a deal?

3 Cardinals players the Cubs should (but probably won't) trade for - #3: Jordan Hicks

If you're a team in need of bullpen firepower, Cardinals right-hander Jordan Hicks is surely on your radar. At the top of the food chain in terms of fastball velocity, averaging 101.1 MPH on the season, Hicks has struggled in 2023, racking up both the walks and strikeouts.

With 55 punchouts in just 36 2/3 innings of work, it's not hard to see why he will hold appeal to teams seeking reinforcements in the relief pitcher department. He's got overpowering stuff and, if he can cut down on the free passes, could quickly become one of the most formidable late-inning arms in the game.

Chicago's bullpen inconsistencies this year are well-documented. Hicks may not provide the calming, stable presence you might like to see injected into the mix, but he's a powerful arm on an expiring contract who's going to have plenty of suitors. The Cubs should be among them.