3 candidates to join Chicago Cubs starting rotation after Justin Steele injury

After Justin Steele's hamstring injury on Opening Day, the Cubs will have to call on their starting pitching depth to fill the void in their rotation

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2. Drew Smyly

Drew Smyly is certainly not the most ideal candidate. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I wanted as much time as possible to pass before the southpaw had to make a start in 2024. As a starter last year, Smyly began the season hot with a 3.09 ERA in May. But he plummeted back to Earth in ugly fashion and he posted a 5.62 season ERA as a starter. He is simply more effective out of the bullpen in smaller instances and the team shouldn't try to squeeze more than that out of him right now. Especially with younger and frankly more capable options.

All that being said, Smyly is the most experienced option available and his role in the rotation would be temporary. Hopefully, the majority of Smyly's appearances this year come out of the bullpen, for everyone's sanity.