3 buy-low candidates the Cubs can sign on a 1-year deal

Taking a look at the next tier of free agency and determining three cost-effective players the Chicago Cubs can sign on a one-year deal.

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3 buy-low candidates - 1. Justin Turner

An attractive fallback option for the Cubs if they somehow miss on both Cody Bellinger and Rhys Hoskins is Justin Turner. After declining his option with Boston and becoming a free agent, Turner will test the market in what will be interesting to see if he can again secure a two-year deal or if he can be had a one-year contract for more money than what he earned in Bean Town.

Still, a one-year deal with higher money will likely not break the bank for any team. In that regard, he's still a buy-low candidate, as he earned just 9.3M in Boston this season. Even bumping him up to around 12-13.0M is affordable for what he brings. This year, he slashed .276/.345/.455/114 wRC+ with 23 HRs and 96 RBIs. He is more of a DH at this point, appearing in only 58 of 146 games in the field, but he can occasionally fill in at first base or third here and there if necessary.

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