3 bright spots in the midst of a disappointing Chicago Cubs season

Although the Chicago Cubs have spiraled out of control, not all things are bad on the north side.
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3 bright spots in 2024 - 3. Prospect production

Last but not least, it's been good to see some of the younger guys starting to pan out at the highest level. Ben Brown looks as good as advertised. Luke Little had a rough start to the season but has since rebounded. Pete Crow-Armstrong has many believers, including the team's front office, even if his batting average over the season still leaves much to be desired. Still, he has looked better lately, especially after facing Zach Wheeler, where he recorded back-to-back doubles and a nine-pitch at-bat in his third appearance. Porter Hodge has solidified a role in the bullpen moving forward, as he has been incredible in his short stint in the majors.

So, in the end, it's not all bad just because the team doesn't make the postseason this year. They were supposed to, and the team should have been constructed better. For now, we can only monitor who can be a part of this team's future. The team's farm system is starting to show up at the highest level, and this will be the primary focus for the remainder of the year once the team opens up roster spots by selling off its assets at the deadline.

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