3 bright spots in the midst of a disappointing Chicago Cubs season

Although the Chicago Cubs have spiraled out of control, not all things are bad on the north side.
San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs
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3 bright spots in 2024 - 2. Michael Busch

Michael Busch was the only actual addition to the Cubs' lineup this season after being brought in via trade from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Busch leads the team in OPS while carrying a .259 average, ten homers, and 30 driven-in. The strike-out rate is high, at 32.4%, but his 130 wRC+ is solid, given that this is his first full big league season. He also currently sits in the 94th percentile of BB%. Landing him for 2024 was and is still a bright spot for the team, and moving forward, he should only continue to get better.

However, the best part about having Busch is the Cubs having their lefty bat locked up long-term at first base, given that he doesn't even enter arbitration until 2027. We've seen him go on a tear; pitchers adjust to him, then he adjusts back and continues improving at the plate. It's clear he will be an exciting part of the team's future. Although we criticize the moves Jed Hoyer didn't make, trading for Busch was certainly one we have to give him credit for.