3 bright spots in the midst of a disappointing Chicago Cubs season

Although the Chicago Cubs have spiraled out of control, not all things are bad on the north side.
San Francisco Giants v Chicago Cubs
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Given that we're just over the halfway mark of the Chicago Cubs' 2024 season, the shadow of doubt cast over this team with rumors of becoming sellers at the MLB trade deadline is all there is to discuss. Therefore, I wanted to point out some of the bright spots the team does have going for them. Regarding 2024, the season's outcome looks grim, but we can at least be grateful that the Cubs have these three things going for them.

3 bright spots in 2024 - 1. The starting rotation

You wouldn't think the Cubs' record would be what it is, considering the starting rotation has been stellar through the first half of the season. Simply put, if the bullpen was at least league average, the fact is that this team would not be leaning towards selling at the trade deadline.

Shota Imanaga, Justin Steele, Jameson Taillon, and Javier Assad have all been fantastic through the first half of the season, and it's a shame their production has been a complete waste. It's hard to imagine a team with a rotation such as this not to be leading their division, especially the lackluster NL Central, but the other areas of the team have been so bad that here we are. Thankfully, nobody from the rotation is leaving for the next couple of years, so the Cubs at least have something they can continue to build on.