3 biggest trade chips for the Chicago Cubs entering Spring Training

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs - Game One
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As the Chicago Cubs prepare to enter Spring Training, it's important to remember the team's biggest trade assets. Whether or not you put any stock into Pecota projections for the Cubs, it's hard to argue that the club hasn't made improvements across the board. Still, they will need to make additions where applicable, and the trade market will be the best opportunity for them to do so if they still want to make a splash before the season starts.

The Cubs are overcrowded with guys who can play multiple infield positions if given a chance. The biggest issue regarding being able to move guys successfully is that only a few have the track record as of late to make other teams come calling. Several things will have to go right for these players to catch another team's attention. Still, these are the players you need to keep an eye on in 2023, as it relates to the trade market.

Nick Madrigal
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3 biggest trade chips for the Chicago Cubs entering Spring Training - 3. Nick Madrigal

After the Cubs signed Dansby Swanson to a seven-year deal, promptly shifting Nico Hoerner over to 2nd base, the future of Nick Madrigal as a Cub became gloomy at best. Only ever playing 2nd base in his career, Madrigal has been taking reps at 3rd base in Arizona, but the fact remains that he is on the expendable list when it comes to position players for the Cubs. If he can learn to play third base efficiently, it will bode well for the Cubs, who desperately need better defense at the hot corner.

Because the Cubs don't have many other viable defensive options at the position, Madrigal will likely stay put for now. Injuries have plagued him, as he's appeared in just 109 games combined in the last two seasons. For someone who has always been a solid contact hitter, consistent health can help to get him into a rhythm offensively. In doing so, his four years of remaining team control while playing well raise his value if a trade is on the horizon. If he is moved, expect it to be sometime around the trade deadline in the Cubs are in contention.