3 bats the Chicago Cubs can target at the trade deadline

Jed Hoyer is not done making this team the best it can be.
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1. Alex Bregman

We live in a world where the scuffling Houston Astros may make 3B Alex Bregman available at the trade deadline. A mainstay in Houston, Bregman's offensive numbers have taken a dip this season. For his career, he is a two-time All-Star that slashes .272/.369/.482, and I'd put my money on him getting back to numbers such as those as the season churns on. His 14% K rate and elite 98th percentile whiff percentage make me think more production is on its way, even if his expected stats currently disagree.

The need at third base is obvious. Christopher Morel is not sticking well at the hot corner, and the team desperately needs a defensive upgrade. Inserting Bregman's bat into the Cubs' offense gives the team one of the better-hitting squads in the National League, and it's one upgrade Jed Hoyer will undoubtedly have his eye on depending on where prospect Matt Shaw is in his development a month and a half from now. The Astros have time to bounce back, but if they keep losing games, look for Bregman's status to become more apparent once the calendar flips to July.

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