3 areas the Chicago Cubs need to address via a big-time trade

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3 areas the Chicago Cubs need to address via a big-time trade: #2 - Grab a left-handed slugger to bolster the lineup

Regardless of whether Cody Bellinger bounces back or not, he is as good as gone after the 2023 season wraps up. The Cubs either won't want him back, or Bellinger himself will want to test free agency, looking to take advantage of a market without many impact bats.

That would leave Chicago, again, without that big left-handed bat in the heart of the order. They have Ian Happ, but truth be told, Happ only hit 17 home runs last season and seems to be more of a doubles guy when he's at his best, controlling the zone and using the entire field.

The Cubs must scour the trade market to land another critical bat in their lineup. Matt Mervis may succeed, or he may fail - it's still too soon to tell. Regardless, the team can't depend on him, especially since it has enough quality prospects now, acquiring a bat via trade is feasible. Down the road, if Mervis and PCA, two lefties, do work out, great.

In the meantime, the Cubs signing Happ to an extension put them in a position to contend this season if they choose to. Adding more firepower to the lineup is the next best place to start outside of an ace to the rotation alongside Marcus Stroman and Justin Steele.