2024 MLB Draft: 2 realistic and 2 not-so realistic options for the Chicago Cubs at 14

The Cubs have done a legitimately masterful job of drafting in the first round over the last several seasons; who will they target in 2024?

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Unrealistic Option 1: Charlie Condon OF/1B Georgia

Condon has played himself into legitimate 1.1 conversations. Let’s break down the measurables first. He’s a 6’6, 211-pound sophomore left fielder in the SEC (who had a couple of good outfielders last season go in the top five). 

Last year as a freshman he hit .386/.484/.800 with 25 homers. To put that into perspective in Kris Bryant’s draft year he hit .329/.493/.820 with 31 homers. 

This season he’s hitting an otherworldly .639/.696/1.389 with seven homers and more walks (8) than strikeouts (5). He has an OPS of over 2.000. The man is a legitimate alien and his lanky frame would imply that he still hasn’t even fully filled out his power potential. It is likely he will be a Guardian or a National, but if by some insane turn of events, he’s available at 14, the Cubs have to grab him. 

Unrealistic Option 2: Jac Caglianone 1B/LHP Florida

It seems like most teams will be looking at Caglianone as a 1B/DH rather than as a LHP considering he had a modest K rate last season and in his one start so far this year he gave up three runs over three innings. 

If we look at him in the batter vacuum and recognize he’s likely a DH, and if he plays in the field he’s limited to first base, you’d have to wonder: why would this be an unrealistic option at 14? Don’t teams tend to go for the more athletic, middle-of-the-diamond players early?

Well, it’s because he mashes. 

He’s improved his slash line in all three seasons at Florida and this year he’s hitting .486/.578/.757 with more walks (7) than strikeouts (3). It may not be as astounding as Condon’s numbers above, but he’s a legitimate power option that will likely go in the top ten picks. However, if for some reason those athletic prep players and pitchers start to climb we could have a shot.