2023 MLB Draft: The Guys That Should Be Available at 13 for the Chicago Cubs

We've already seen six college bats that could be available when the Cubs pick at 13, but this week we'll be looking at three more that will almost definitely still be available. The Cubs should have their pick between two very different third basemen and a shortstop with wildly different projections depending on who you talk to.
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Today we’ll be continuing our breakdown of collegiate hitters that will be available in the MLB draft on July 9th. A couple of weeks ago we looked at two of the SEC’s best that likely won’t be there when the Cubs pick at number 13, last week we looked at four guys that should go somewhere in Chicago’s range, and this week we’ll look at another handful of players that should definitely be there. 

Other writers may choose to write about high school bats or pitchers in either the college or high school ranks, but as I posited earlier this week, the safest and highest upside play in the first round over the last 20 years has been to draft the college hitter so that’s what I’m going to hone in on. 

Next week we’ll hit on some underslot options, and the week prior to the draft we’ll post a piece that has a smattering of the writers from Cubbies Crib weighing in on the pick they want to see the Cubs make. 

For now, here are four players that the Cubs could draft and save some money to spend on high-end players later in the draft.