2023 MLB Draft: The Guys That Are Underslot Options at 13 for the Chicago Cubs

We've done a deep dive on a handful of players the Chicago Cubs could draft with the 13th pick in the 2023 MLB Draft, now it's time to look at the under slot options.
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Yohandy Morales 3B Miami

Athletic: #32

Fangraphs: #13

MLB.com: #32

Thomas is another of these guys with a batting average over .400. He has shown consistent improvement every season across the board. He hit .284/.343/.531 as a freshman with 11 homers. As a sophomore, he improved to .328/.409/.647 with 18 homers. Finally this year he hit .408/.475/.713 with 20 homers.

He has a strikeout issue that he hasn’t done much to alleviate and he doesn’t offer a ton in terms of baserunning, but he’s got a middle-of-the-lineup bat that has played against some of the best competition in the country playing in the ACC.

Fangraphs is definitely the highest outlet I’ve seen on Morales and they love his ability to stay at third base even if his swing leaves him vulnerable on the offensive side:

"Even as he's filled out to about 225 pounds, he's retained the athleticism to play third base quite well, and his arm is an easy left-side fit on the infield. It's possible the move Morales' hands make before he actually starts his swing can be toned down to help him shorten up and pull more pitches without detracting from his power. He has the ceiling of an impact everyday third baseman."


Some guys just look better than everyone else. You see them step on the field and you know they’re going to be superstars. I remember seeing Yordan Alvarez in-person at a game in AA and knowing he was a dude before seeing him swing. Keith Law says that Morales has that look, but doesn’t necessarily believe in his ability to reach that potential:

"Morales looks the part, certainly, and has a pretty swing that can produce significant power but more often puts the ball on the ground. You can beat him with velocity up or breaking stuff down and away, not dissimilar to former Florida Gator Jud Fabian, who was the Orioles’ second-round pick last year."

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