2023 MLB Draft: The Guys That Are Underslot Options at 13 for the Chicago Cubs

We've done a deep dive on a handful of players the Chicago Cubs could draft with the 13th pick in the 2023 MLB Draft, now it's time to look at the under slot options.
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Chase Davis OF Arizona

Athletic: #30

Fangraphs: #16

MLB.com: #22

Chase Davis is a pretty cool glow-up story. In his freshman year, he hit .233/.343/.400 across 27 games as mostly a pinch-hitter. In his sophomore season, he was more impressive, hitting 18 homers in 62 games with a .289/.414/.583 slash line. That being said, there was still something to be desired as he struck out 66 times and walked 48.

This season, Davis hit .362/.489/.742 with an increase in singles, doubles, triples and homers across the board while getting the strikeouts (40) under control and keeping the walks (43) in an impressive place. 

He’s a left-handed hitting corner outfielder which is only slightly more valuable than someone with a first base profile, but it is at least slightly more valuable. Fangraphs threw out an interesting player comparison:

"Carlos Gonzalez comps get thrown around because of Davis' swing, which is one of the sweeter-looking cuts in the draft. He has a bat wrap, but his path is so tight to his body as it fires that it isn't overly long. He's a discerning hitter with plus bat speed and a swing geared for loft, and he has the power to hit balls out to all fields."


Keith Law believes in the defensive profile more than most as he believes he can stick in center field (at least for now):

"His game power is at least a 60, and he’s a 55 runner who plays center now and should at least begin his pro career out there, with the downside of an above-average defender in right if he can’t stay up the middle. I think he’s at least a regular and has more upside than some of the safer college bats who’ll go before him."

The Athletic

MLB.com also thinks that there’s at least a chance he could play center due to his speed and instincts, even if that hasn’t manifested in the form of stolen bases:

"A physical specimen, Davis has average speed to a tick above. He played left field for all of the 2022 season but played center on the Cape. Any team considering Davis in the top couple of rounds might want to send him out at center to see how he plays at the next level, knowing the power profile could fit back in an outfield corner."

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