2 trade targets for the Chicago Cubs to avoid at all costs

Looking at the players available at the MLB trade deadline and determining two players the Chicago Cubs need to avoid.
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2 players to avoid via trade - 1. Scott Barlow

Next on the list, we land on Kansas City Royals closer Scott Barlow. Simply put, Barlow has the type of numbers that don't move the needle for the Cubs in the right direction. Even with a FIP of 3.64, If they're going to get a reliever with multiple years left on his deal, get one performing at a high level. Adjusting his ERA for bad luck from spotty defense see's him with a little less than a run better than the league average.

Especially with all of the prospects at the Cubs' disposal that are rule 5 eligible or minor league pending MLB-ready free agents, somebody that's been a little better than average doesn't do much, and again; the better-than-league average only comes into play when we start talking about FIP rather than actual ERA. Therefore, if we're trading prospects that can be valuable to another team, get someone that makes you jump forward in production single-handedly. The Cubs' defense is solid, but I don't want to solely have to depend on it to believe in a pitcher's ability to get the job done.

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