2 Scott Boras clients that thrived with the Chicago Cubs and 1 who didn't

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Thrived: 3B Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant was one of the best examples of a Cubs prospect living up to their hype. From the year he was drafted in 2013 through the 2016 season, Bryant won college player of the year, minor league Player of the Year, NL Rookie of the Year, and NL MVP in four consecutive seasons. After this historic tear, as well as contributing to the World Series win in 2016, Bryant became a highly touted player with several underrated years following 2016. His production resulted in some of the largest single-season arbitration paychecks ever at the time.

Unfortunately, Bryant's tenure with the Cubs ended with a trade to the San Francisco Giants in 2021, where the Cubs received OF Alexander Canario and RHP Caleb Kilian. After the 2021 season, Boras secured a $182 million deal with the Colorado Rockies, where Bryant will likely play through the 2028 season with a full no-trade clause in his contract.

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