2 Scott Boras clients that thrived with the Chicago Cubs and 1 who didn't

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Bust: 1B Eric Hosmer

The brief tenure of Eric Hosmer on the Chicago Cubs may be over, but it sure seemed longer than the six weeks it actually lasted. Even though Hosmer is not currently playing for an MLB team, he is being paid by three of them. Before his nose dive of a decline at the plate, Boras was able to secure Hosmer an 8-year deal worth $144,000,000 from the San Diego Padres. After getting designated for assignment by the Padres, Hosmer made his way to Boston before signing with Chicago before the 2023 season.

In 100 plate appearances with the Cubs this year, Hosmer struck out 25% of the time and posted an abysmal wRC+ of 68 (league average 100). Although rookie Matt Mervis has been struggling in his place, Hosmer was never going to be a long-term solution and it's probably best for everyone that his time in Chicago is over.