2 Scott Boras clients that thrived with the Chicago Cubs and 1 who didn't

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There is a lot of talk about Cody Bellinger possibly getting traded this year and his agent Scott Boras has warned the Chicago Cubs to think twice before doing so. There's no doubt that Bellinger's presence in this lineup is essential for the Cubs' success right now and trading him could end up being a huge mistake.

I wouldn't mind seeing Bellinger sign a historic deal with the Cubs because I think he's worth it especially because of his age. In any case, Bellinger will get a hefty paycheck from someone if the Cubs don't fork over the cash. Boras is known for representing high-profile players in MLB and bargaining for some of the most lucrative contracts in sports history. A few of those players have been a part of the Chicago Cubs in recent years with mixed results.

Thrived: OF Nick Castellanos

Before Boras nabbed outfielder Nick Castellanos a $100,000,000 deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, he played in a Detroit Tigers uniform for a lot of years. That is until the 2019 trade deadline when the Cubs acquired Castellanos in a rental deal for minor league pitchers Alex Lange and Paul Richan. The power-hitting outfielder proceeded to rake for the Cubs, hitting a league-leading 58 doubles on the season with 27 home runs and 73 RBIs. Unfortunately, he only stuck around for the last couple of months of 2019 before hitting free agency and signing with the Cincinnati Reds.