2 players who don't deserve to be on the Cubs MLB roster and 2 who do

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2 players who do deserve to be on the roster - 1. Matt Mervis

Next, who deserves a promotion to MLB, without a doubt, is Matt Mervis. His success is well documented from a season ago. Still, to put less pressure on him immediately, the Cubs opted to sign Eric Hosmer as their left-hitting first baseman as a place-holder until they feel Mervis is genuinely ready. Hosmer has done just fine through the first handful of games on the Cubs roster, but Mervis has also continued to pick up where he left off in Triple-A.

Through four games into the Triple-A season, the Mervis already has two home runs, including a grand slam. Both of them have come off left-handed pitching, which only adds to the already sky-high potential Mervis possesses. At any point that Hosmer begins to struggle, and Mervis is still performing well, expect to see him in the MLB. With any chance to get into a rhythm, Mervis can be a key contributor for the Cubs in 2023.

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