2 players who don't deserve to be on the Cubs MLB roster and 2 who do

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2 players who don't deserve to be on the Cubs roster - 1. Edwin Rios

One thing the Cubs desperately need on the roster is more left-handed power. Thankfully, they have it in Edwin Rios, who carries a career .268 ISO. Unfortunately, Rios still doesn't have a hit through the season's first five games. Granted, he has only recorded six plate appearances, but that could also further indicate the front office's confidence in him as an everyday hitter. The Cubs have faced right-handed starting pitching in four of five games, so with Rios' lack of starts already, the margin for error is razor-thin.

At that point, if you're not going to have your lefty power bat start and be given a chance to get into a rhythm, then someone is more deserving of that roster spot. Patrick Wisdom has been off to a hot start for the Cubs, but still, the Cubs could make Rios a DH as well if they wanted to see more of him. Hopefully, we will see more from him soon; otherwise, his time as a Cub may be short-lived.