2 players who don't deserve to be on the Cubs MLB roster and 2 who do

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After the first five games of the season, there are certain players already not living up to expectations, along with some who have made notable contributions that need more credit. Of course, five games is a minuscule sample size, but regardless, if the Chicago Cubs wish to compete this season, it is imperative to keep track of who is holding the team back from success and who should be given a chance to propel the team to new heights. Let's look at two players who are undeserving of their roster spot, followed by two players who deserve a promotion.

2 players who don't deserve to be on the Cubs roster - 2. Drew Smyly

After an abysmal Spring Training and an even worse start to the regular season, Drew Smyly cracks the list first as a player undeserving of being on the main roster. Granted, Smyly doesn't have any options, plus he's on a new two-year deal for the Cubs, so the chances of him being removed are slim to none. In the opening series, Smyly gave up seven earned runs to the Brewers, and though he has shown flashes of brilliance in a Cubs uniform, the front office can not have this in the starting rotation this season.

Where Smyly won't be DFAed any time soon, a move to the bullpen is the route I can see coming to fruition, with a swap in roles between him and Javier Assad. Smyly has the leash, however, to turn things around, and it will have to be a prolonged stretch of underwhelming pitching from him for the front office to make a move this early in the season. Still, he has not looked like himself since Spring Training began, and the team needs him to get it together quickly.