2 players the Chicago Cubs should keep and 2 they should trade

The Chicago Cubs don't need to enter another complete rebuild.
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2 to keep, 2 to trade - 1. Jameson Taillon (Trade)

If the Cubs sell off one of their more valuable assets, Jameson Taillon will be an attractive candidate to watch. He is currently in the midst of a superb season but also has a history of being shaky. His value is at its highest right now, and given that teams covet starting pitching, his 2.5 years of control at only 17.0M AAV is not overpriced by any means. With an ever-inflating market, getting a pitcher like Taillon can help teams prevent overspending in free agency this winter and get a jump on next year.

Given the troubles we've seen from him in the past, particularly the first half of last season, getting a team to take the bait and offer up a top-100 type prospect will be a challenge. However, as bidding wars commence, Jed Hoyer should be able to work his magic here and acquire someone with high potential. We've seen Hoyer fleece teams before, such as the Mets with Pete Crow-Armstrong or the Philadelphia Philly's with Ben Brown, so moving Taillon when the team has up-and-comers that can fill his spot may be the most logical move at the trade deadline.