2 players the Chicago Cubs should keep and 2 they should trade

The Chicago Cubs don't need to enter another complete rebuild.
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With rumors persisting that the Chicago Cubs will be sellers at the MLB Trade Deadline this season, we need to take some time and identify what exactly that means. This season has been disappointing, but the Cubs aren't as far away from contention as it appears. Although the team will sell at the deadline, completely tearing it down and entering a complete rebuild again will not happen. Therefore, here are two players the Cubs should move on from and two they need to keep moving forward.

2 to keep, 2 to trade - 4. Nico Hoerner (Keep)

Personally, I believe that trading Nico Hoerner at the deadline will be a catastrophic mistake by the Cubs' front office. For a team already ripe with top 100 prospects, the idea of adding more isn't detrimental by any means; it's just not necessary at this juncture. The Cubs are closer to competing than having to restart, and therefore, keeping quality baseball players such as Hoerner in place can only benefit you if your true goal is to compete as soon as possible.

With the Cubs having middle infielders James Triantos and Matt Shaw among their top-prospect mix, there could be some sense in moving Hoerner. There's no reason the Cubs can't send a struggling Christopher Morel down and bring up Shaw to play third if they want to call him up to the show. Moving on from Hoerner because you have Shaw playing well in Double-A is not the type of mindset that will lead to success.