2 Cubs trade rumors we hope are true, 1 we hope doesn't happen

Even after the Jeimer Candelario trade, the Cubs are still looking for ways to improve the roster ahead of Tuesday's MLB trade deadline.
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2 Cubs trade rumors we hope are true - #1: Josh Hader isn't available; meaning the Cubs won't come off top prospects this week

I wrote about this earlier this week: as big of a get as Josh Hader would be, I still don't know if he alone would have made the Cubs legitimate contenders. The Candelario addition certainly pushes the club further in that direction, but now it appears the Padres have decided not to sell, meaning Hader is staying put.

I'm all for coming off prospects when you're one piece away from being real World Series threats, as the Cubs did back in 2016 when they sent Gleyber Torres to New York for Aroldis Chapman. This year's team is a postseason contender, to be sure, especially in a weak NL Central - but there's a sizable gap between this team and one like the Braves, who enter action Tuesday a whopping 30 games over .500 at 67-37.

The same can be said for David Bednar - he's a top-of-the-heap late-inning arm and the Pirates have set their asking price accordingly. I can't see Pittsburgh ever trading him within the division nor do I see the Cubs sending top prospects to the Pirates, but knowing the Cubs are looking for more reasonable, affordable options rather than a primetime closer makes sense.