2 Cubs ranked too high in fantasy baseball drafts, and 3 ranked too low

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3 Cubs being drafted too low - 2. Trey Mancini

Tying back into Suzuki's injury, Trey Mancini should find near-everyday playing time in 2023, primarily to begin the season. Mancini currently has an ADP of 264, the 26th round in ten-man leagues, and in many leagues, that will mean he goes undrafted. Due to a poor second half of 2022, Mancini wound up with just 240 points last year, and ESPN is disrespectfully projecting him for an even lower 220 this season.

There's a good chance that Mancini will be playing right field throughout the first month of the season, followed by 1B/DH duties the rest of the way. In Spring Training, he is batting .400 in 35 ABs and has a 1.047 OPS. If his spring showing is anywhere close to an indication of what he's capable of doing with everyday playing time in 2023, then 220 points is a laughably bad projection. It would be best if you didn't draft him too high simply because he is a sleeper and going unnoticed right now.

You can take him late, and feel free to plug him into your utility spot to begin the year. Side tip: Make sure you start him against pitchers that utilize a fastball as a primary pitch that they throw with a high percentage. Last season, Mancini recorded a line of .279/.398/.503 with an OPS of .901, including a .224 ISO on four-seamers.