2 Cubs ranked too high in fantasy baseball drafts, and 3 ranked too low

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3 Cubs being drafted too low - 3. Ian Happ

Ian Happ's current ADP of 164 is only a round or two before Bellinger, depending on which type of league you're in. If you agree that Bellinger is a risky play, then you understand why projecting Happ anywhere near him is disrespectful. Last season, Happ broke out and put up 314 points on the season. Currently, he is being projected for 298, which is fair due to the lack of home runs we saw from him last season.

Still, Happ took the high-contact approach last season and raised his batting average to a career-high .271, and it isn't far-fetched to assume that after doing so, he will try to tie it all together and slug a few more homers on a contract year this season. If he does, while keeping the strikeouts to a minimum, he will blow past what he did offensively last season. In fantasy, where home runs are king, if Happ turns a few of last year's singles into bombs, then 164 overall will be a steal for anybody who gets him that late.

Target Ian Happ in matchups against sinker ballers and pitchers that throw cutters. Last Season, Happ recorded slash lines of .338/.380/.477 with a .407 BABIP and an average exit velocity of 94.3 MPH against sinkers and .485/.585/.697 with a .533 BABIP and .212 ISO against cutters. These are also decent sample sizes, with 303 sinkers and 213 cutters seen in the batter's box last season.