2 Cubs ranked too high in fantasy baseball drafts, and 3 ranked too low

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2 Cubs being drafted too high - 1. Cody Bellinger

After only posting 236 points in standard points leagues last year, Cody Bellinger is currently being drafted around the 179th overall. I still list him as too high because we have no concrete reason to believe he will bounce back in 2023. The hope is that he will return to form, and if he does, yes, we love Bellinger in fantasy this season. The problem is that he is already two years removed from real fantasy relevance.

More is needed to move the needle on your team if he puts up his projected 269 points this year. There is, unfortunately, more risk than reward to this point. If you'd like to take a flyer on him, you can do it. The point I'm making is that if you're looking to build a decent floor for your team, other available players at that point should be fine reaching that mark that doesn't pose any risk. I'd like to see what Cody can do, and I'm targeting him as a bench player because I want him just in case. However, I'm only wasting a pick on him if he's available in about the 20th round. The best advice, buy low and trade for him after the draft. If he doesn't work out after a month or two, reevaluate.

The type of trade it should take to pull off for Bellinger is the tier of player available in free agency. For example, a two-for-one trade for Bellinger is the best way. Take a bench bat and pitcher projected a little lower than Bellinger and offer it up, which will appear as a steal for the receiving team, then go to free agency and pick up another pitcher projected around the same points as the one you just gave up. Overall, you wind up boosting your team's projected points.