2 Cubs ranked too high in fantasy baseball drafts, and 3 ranked too low

Seattle Mariners v Chicago Cubs
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For the avid Fantasy Baseball fan, we've compiled a list of players on the Chicago Cubs regarding their current projections, average draft pick (ADP), and if they are being picked too soon or too late in the draft. We will review leagues with a basic head-to-head points-scoring system based on ten-man teams to make things easier. Let's dive right in, starting with two Cubs being drafted too high.

2 Cubs being drafted too high - 2. Seiya Suzuki

If you're loading up on Chicago Cubs because you are a Cubs fan, think twice and cautiously. Cubs slugger, Seiya Suzuki, is still being drafted on average around the 13th round, even with the news that he will likely miss at least the season's first month. Last season, Suzuki put up 213 points for point systems in 111 games.

Suppose Suzuki misses all of April and returns at least May 1st. In that case, he's already going to miss the first 28 games of the Cubs' regular season, putting him on pace to play in just 134 contests this season, and that's assuming he stays healthy and plays every day the rest of the way. With average days off, you're around 125 games for Suzuki in 2023, just 14 more than in 2022.

So, you should not be banking on his projection of 289 points this season. In drafts, there is nothing wrong with taking him if you can get him in the later rounds and stash him on the IL. In the meantime, if someone wants to take him in the first 13 rounds, let them waste a draft pick. Fade unless you can get him after you've solidified every position and starting rotation to that point. Guys scoring about 250 points this season are a dime a dozen; don't waste an early draft pick on someone that will be on the IL for the first month.