2 Cubs position players who will start the year in Triple-A and 3 who won't

The Cubs have a lot of young players close if not ready for the big leagues but not all of them can make the opening day roster

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Triple-A: IF/OF Miles Mastrobuoni

Miles Mastrobuoni was an alright utility man for the Cubs last year, but there were certainly times when I think he was utilized too much. While his ability to play several positions definitely came in handy, there was a very long period where Mastrobuoni was in the starting lineup despite being in the middle of a serious slump at the plate.

In the first half of the season, Mastrobuoni posted a 41 wRC+ (59 points below league average) and a .169 batting average. In addition to an ice-cold bat, Mastrobuoni played serviceable defense at best. He's a backup depth piece that shouldn't show up in the lineup consistently unless major injuries happen to pop up.

With two minor league options remaining on his contract, I think starting Mastrobuoni in Iowa makes sense coming out of the gate.

MLB: 1B/3B Michael Busch

After giving up a premiere pitching prospect in Jackson Ferris in exchange for Michael Busch, there is little doubt in my mind that the Cubs will want him at the MLB level immediately. And the 26-year-old seems ready for the task after cranking 48 home runs at the Triple-A level the past two seasons.

He had several stints with the Los Angeles Dodgers' big-league team last year where his playing time was repeatedly blocked by their stacked lineup. But Busch is a talented young player and many rankings label him a top 60 prospect in baseball. His smooth swing and power from the left side of the plate is exactly the kind of hitting profile this lineup needs and he will hopefully fill the team's void at first base.

Even if Bellinger returns, Busch will probably get his shot at the big league roster right away and ideally, he becomes the everyday first baseman.