2 Cubs position players who will start the year in Triple-A and 3 who won't

The Cubs have a lot of young players close if not ready for the big leagues but not all of them can make the opening day roster

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The Chicago Cubs have a few roster decisions to make when Spring Training comes to a close with several talented young prospects knocking on the big-league door.

Spring Training will be an opportunity for these young players to prove themselves. Here are two that will do well enough to warrant a big-league roster spot, and two who will be in Triple-A at the start of the season. This list is based on how the roster is currently constructed but will likely change if Cody Bellinger signs with the team.

MLB: OF Alexander Canario

23-year-old outfielder Alexander Canario made his MLB debut in 2023 after recovering from a nasty ankle and shoulder injury. After a long rehab process, Canario picked up right where he left off pre-injury and continued to hit the ball with authority. It was a small sample size because of former manager David Ross's unwillingness to play Canario that much, but the young slugger did collect three extra-base hits with a .941 OPS in the 17 at-bats he recorded.

Canario could be a valuable asset to the team and be a source of home run power that it desperately needs. Across three different minor league levels in 2022, Canario smacked 37 home runs, 26 doubles and drove in 97 runs. Although the team is fairly populated in the outfield for the next few years, Canario could still contribute or become a trade chip at this year's deadline.

Whatever his long-term future holds, it seems like Canario is at the very least likely to be the fourth or fifth outfielder. A roster spot will be much easier for him to obtain if the team does not end up signing Bellinger so as things stand, look for Canario on the MLB roster come March.